Matwork Cph™ by Pilates Cph

Become a certified Pilates Matwork instructor at Pilates Cph

Are you used to training pilates, and want to start teaching classes in classical pilates? The education is for everyone, regardless of background, who has an interest in pilates. You will receive the necessary theory and be taught to teach all of the classical exercises at a high level. The education is perfect for you who wants to learn more about pilates, either to dig into your own training, or to have a part-time job as a class instructor regardless of your background, and for you, who wants to completely change your career.

At Pilates Cph, we take upcoming instructors seriously. Effective and correct pilates is about the little details, and therefore a completed education requires, that you learn how to understand the exercise and analyze the body’s movement pattern. This way you will capable of correcting and guiding your students relevantly and accurately. The education as Matwork instructor at Pilates Cph will give you exactly the tools you need if you wish to teach pilates classes.

Throughout the entire process you will be taught by the founders and owners of Pilates Cph:
Camilla Bækholm: Educated physical therapist as well as classical and modern pilates instructor by among others Power Pilates and Kathy Grant’s Heritage Training.
Gitte Peirano: Educated psychomotor therapist as well as classical and modern pilates instructor by among others Power Pilates and Kathy Grant’s Heritage Training.

We are both PMA-certified (Pilates Method Alliance)

Together we make up a competent and experienced team, and make sure, that you will accomplish the knowledge, confidence, and practical qualifications necessary to teach with great quality in pilates classes.





What you receive with Matwork Cph™

  • 3 months free training classes (worth 2.247 kr.)
  • Matwork Cph manual*
  • Pilates Anatomy-book and Joseph Pilates’ book “Return to Life Through Contrology”
  • Access to video material of all the classic Matwork exercises
  • You learn to teach the classic pilates Matwork floor exercises
  • You will be taught applied anatomy and bio-mechanics
  • You will receive relevant variations and modifications
  • You will learn how to take the most common injuries and individual relationships into consideration
  • You will be prepared to challenge your students at all levels
  • You will be able to make your classes more effective and targeted, so that your training always is relevant to both you and your students
  • You will receive a certificate stating that you are a pilates instructor in classical Matwork

*  The Matwork Cph™ manual contains specific descriptions of the exercises, our best cues and experiences, as well as good and relevant “Teaching Tools” to make you the best intermediator possible. At the education you will also be taught “Special Cases” where you will learn how to handle the most common injuries and special relationships. All of this is based on our collected more than 30 years worth of experience in the pilates world. 

Furthermore you will be taught in “Before the Hundred” which is a unique teaching-tool, that will help you understand, break down and combine the entire pilates system. Here you will learn what the pilates exercises’ purpose is, and how you break down, adjust and adapt the classical repetoire to the many different students you will meet in your classes.

Read more about the education

Matwork Cph is only a small part of a much larger system. If you wish to continue your education and learn how to teach using all the equipment after you have completed Matwork Cph™, you can read more about our full pilates education Comprehensive Cph™ here.

Read pilates instructor Anne Mette Frandsen’s review of the education here.

Requirements for the program

*The education is only in DANISH*
There is a compulsory meeting throughout the program.
Participation in the program requires you to practice throughout the course. If you are prevented from coming, private lessons are purchased to collect the missing teaching.

The education is 100 hours distributed over:

39 hours of teaching
30 hours of self-training
25 hours of self-tuition
6 observation hours
To this must be expected own preparation and self-study.


11.995 KR.
It will be possible to pay DKK 4,000 upon registration and then 2 instalments of DKK 4,000.
(Including 3 months of team training).

You are very welcome to come by and have a chat with us about the education. Write to, and we will find a time to match.

Gennem hele forløbet vil du blive undervist af de to ejere og stiftere af Pilates Cph: Gitte Peirano og Camilla Bækholm

Be aware that as an employee you may be able to make use of the so-called “salary change” and in this way get the education tax-free through your employer. The education must be relevant to your work and you must meet certain requirements. Contact for more information.


“Gradually, I have a lot of certificates, but this means a lot more. Among other things. Because Pilates manages to make a connection with my dance, to TRX and all the other training teams I love to train and teach … My core training has never been as intense as it is now. And it’s thanks to Gitte and Camilla from Pilates Cph, who have opened a door to a new, intense and exciting world.”

Anne Juhl

“If you really want a serious Pilates education, then this is where you need to educate yourself. Today, 4 months after my education, I have Pilates teams in classic Matwork, Pregnant Pilates and Post-Pilates.”