Pilates classes

Whether you are a beginner or have done pilates all your life, we will always have a class to suit your specific needs.


Pilates Group Classes

We offer Reformer and Matwork classes as well as Basic classes, that combine Matwork and Reformer classes. All classes are based on classical pilates, and follow a red thread, so even though the classes are not mainly taught in English, it will be possible for you to follow along. The limit of participants is 8, so we will be able to take good care of you.




Schedule below

How many

Class size is limited to 8 participants in order to guarantee an effective and correct workout.


Monthly membership for Pilates Reformer and Matwork
Train as much Pilates as you want.
650 DKK per month

Voucher for Pilates Reformer and Matwork
1 class 189 DKK
5 classes 795 DKK
10 classes 1449 DKK

Please note! Cancellation for all classes must be done at least 8 hours in advance. Turn up 5 minutes before the class starts to be sure to hold your reservation.