Conditions of membership at Njord Pilates Studie

§1 Membership
All memberships are personal and may not be used by others. If in doubt, Njord Pilates Studie can ask to see ID. Changes to personal data such as name, address, e-mail, phone number, and bank account must be notified to Njord Pilates Studie.

§2 Conditions of membership
Njord Pilates Studie is allowed to change the conditions of membership with 30 days’ notice. In case of changes these will be displayed at the studio.

§3 Duration of membership
In the case of a running membership, the membership continues until the agreement is terminated by either one of the parties (refer §4). A membership paid with cash automatically terminates when the time period covered by the paid amount expires. Under no circumstances will pre-paid cash membership be refunded –  neither full or partial amounts.

§4 Termination of membership
Cash memberships cannot be terminated in the agreed upon period of time. The term of notice for monthly membership (DIBS) runs until the end of the current month plus one month. Notice must be given via e-mail to Njord Pilates Studie at A monthly membership cannot be terminated in a period of suspended membership.

§5 Price change
Njord Pilates Studie reserves the right to make price changes. Notification of such changes will be displayed at the studio and sent via e-mail (to members who have provided their e-mail address) at least 60 days before the price change becomes effective.

§6 Available spots
Njord Pilates Studie cannot guarantee available spots in classes as classes are allocated on a first come, first served basis. You must be present 10 minutes before the class starts, or you risk losing your place to another present participant on the waiting list. Your login must be registered by the system and it is the responsibility of the member to ensure this is done correctly.

§7 Notification of cancellation
In case of cancellation for classes at Njord Pilates Studie, the notification must be given by cancelling online at least 8 hours before the class begins, or you will be charged for the class if you hold a cash membership (vouchers), and in case of a monthly membership you will be charged 40 DKK. Notification of cancellation of private or duet classes must be given at least 24 hours before. Late notification of cancellation will be charged without exceptions.

§8 Valuables
Valuables can be brought along with you into the classroom as Njord Pilates Studie does is not responsbile for loss of valuables due to theft or damage.

§9 Liability
All training is at your own risk. As a member of Njord Pilates Studie you are responsible for being in a state of health that allows for your participation in training. Njord Pilates Studie is not liable for personal injuries as a result of an accident in the studio. Moreover Njord Pilates Studie complies with the Danish law of torts within this area.

§10 Suspension of membership
It is possible to suspend a membership for a minimum of two weeks and a maximum of 6 months – for no more than two times a year. Notification of suspension must be given via e-mail before the first day of the month where you want the suspension.

§11 Membership for students
A student membership can be set created, suspended and terminated referring to the general rules for a monthly membership. The student discount allows for unlimited participation in classes from Monday to Friday from 06.00-16.00 at Njord Pilates Studie.

§12 Classes on offer
Njord Pilates Studie reserves the right to continually change the amounts of classes on offer. The amount of classes depends on the number of members. If less than 4 participants have signed up for a class, the class can be cancelled by Njord Pilates Studie with 8 hours’ notice.

§13 Right to cancel a purchase
Purchases made on the internet give you 14 days’ right to cancel the purchase. However if you chose a start date within the following 14 days you waive the cancellation right on the start date.

§14 Receipt
The receipt for the purchase is sent to the e-mail address provided. The customer is responsible for entering the correct information.

§15 Criteria for withdrawals due to subscription to membership
Before a withdrawal from your payment card can be made, the information on your card must be in accordance with PBS’ database of payment cards. The payment card must be active and it must be possible to complete a transaction for the amount of the membership. The payment card which is used for the withdrawals must be able to complete transactions via the Internet.

§16 Updating data of the payment card
The data of the payment card can be updated by logging into online booking and choosing “Brugerprofil” – “Autoriser betalingskort”. Data of payment cards can be renewed or deleted by contacting Pilates Cph. The customer always holds the responsibility to ensure that the data is correct. If the customer does not comply with this condition Njord Pilates Studie can suspend/terminate the membership without warning.